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Chesapeake Bay Tartan Sailing Club
Keeping Sailing in Your Future... Our 29th Year

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


Mark your Calendars for our Fall events

The fall weather brings some of the best sailing and most enjoyable land events of the year. The second week in October is the National Sailboat Show in Annapolis. We'll have our traditional lunch meetup in the Fleet Reserve Club on Friday 10/10 at noon. On November 8, the club's annual meeting will take place at the Maryland Yacht Club, preceded by social hour and dinner at MYC. Check the Events pages for more details.

Goose Cruise

Six boats came out in the blustery northwest winds of October 3 to meet behind Drum Point on the Wye River. We laughed to see that only two of the boats were actually Tartans! Two crews were long-distance visitors, including Tim from Norfolk on a T34C and Larry, Rob, and Brendan from Rochester NY, Tartan owners who had chartered a Sabre 38 out of Galesville. They joined Maeve, White Bird, Meridian, and Tana [?] for refreshments and to share stories of sailing adventures and boat projects. Because of the strong winds, we broke the too-large raft apart at sunset. For safety on future cruises, we decided it is best to limit the number of boats in a raft to THREE so that re-anchoring at dusk after cocktails is not necessary.
But where were the geese? We didn't see any until returning to Rock Creek on Sunday!

 Club News in September SpinSheet

Be sure to pick up the September issue of SpinSheet! On page 74 you'll see an article entitled "Of Commodores and Classics", authored by CBTSC member David Bourdon. Look for photos at the online version of SpinSheet's Club Notes too. 

Changes to Inland Navigation Rules

Bill Bleakley calls the club's attention to the following:

"The USCG has finalized Changes to the Inland Navigation Rules.  Much of the stuff in the first part of the Federal Register is justification for what they have done.  The meat of the really important stuff starts well into the FR on page 16 of 29 in PART 83 – RULES.  My quick reading tells me that some prior differences between the Great Lakes Rules and COLREGS and Inland Rules have been eliminated, particularly the Great Lakes fog signal. This final rule is effective August 1, 2014."

Spring Symposium 

About 30 members enjoyed a day of speakers and camaraderie at the annual Symposium on Saturday, March 23. Mike Titgemeyer of Crusader Yachts not only sponsored the meeting room, but also gave a presentation on the history of Tartan Yachts and a slide show of their current customizations and projects. Other speakers included Bill Eggert, author of a book on the tugboats of Baltimore; Bill, Rosemary, and Matt Thomas, who spent 18 months on a circumnavigation with World ARC in their 60-foot Sundeer "Crazy Horse"; Bob Campbell of Marine Electrical Systems on safety and performance; and Tucker Thompson, TV reporter for the 2013 America's Cup.
Many thanks to Crusader Yachts, Lewmar, Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, SEMCO Teak Products, Orion Signal, Whale Pumps, and Fawcett Boat Supplies for contributing some sought-after door prizes. Kudos to Don Reynolds and Darlene Forte for organizing an outstanding event to usher in the sailing season.

2014 Planning Meeting

The annual Planning Meeting was held in Galesville's Memorial Hall on February 9th. We enjoyed good food while setting up a schedule of activities for the coming season. They include events on land like the Symposium in March, events on the water like the Kids Cruise in June, and informal gatherings like the boat show meetup in October. Check the Events Calendar for details, and save the dates for adventures with fellow sailors!

New Format for SpinSheet's Club Notes

SpinSheet has recently changed the format of their Club Notes section, reducing the number of clubs with news in the printed magazine in an effort to focus on the "top news" or most interesting stories. News that makes it into print might be interviews with particular club members, really great photos, club history with photo, extended writeup of a great club event with photo, or club events held to welcome new members. However, any club that sends in news will have it posted to SpinSheet's website even if it isn't selected for print.

So here's the link to the online club section: Check it out, and decide what you think about it. You can send feedback --- or ideas for interviews, stories, or photos --- to Grace, our Publicity Chairperson at

Cruising Tips and Tricks

Practicing Emergency Procedures

Are you planning to practice your emergency crew overboard procedures this season? The Sailing Foundation has a great video on use of the LifeSling, which you can view on this website:

Automatic Radio Check

Did you know that, in some locations in the Chesapeake Bay, you can get an automated check of your radio transmission? Sea Tow offers this service on Channels 27 and 28:


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