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Chesapeake Bay Tartan Sailing Club
Keeping Sailing in Your Future... Our 30th Year
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2016 Planning Meeting

REGISTER NOW for the Planning Meeting, at which we'll draw up the schedule of activities for the coming season. We'll meet at Memorial Hall in Galesville, MD on February 21 from 2-5 pm. Check the Event Page for details. Bring your ideas for new cruising destinations and activities!

Spring Symposium

Space is limited, so REGISTER NOW for the annual Sailing Symposium, an all-day event with invited speakers on a wide variety of topics. It's one of our most popular activities. Planned for Saturday, March 26, at the Eastport Yacht Club in Annapolis, the event will include lunch.See the Event Page for details.

Annapolis Sailboat Show

On Friday, October 9, CBTSC sailors attending the Annapolis Sailboat Show gathered for lunch upstairs at the Fleet Reserve Club. We filled one and a half long tables! Old and new members shared stories of recent and upcoming cruises and of boat projects and wish lists. An owner's reception at the Tartan tent was cancelled due to a torrential rain and thunder storm, but even that couldn't dampen the spirits of our lively crowd.

Annual Crab Feast

We had a great turnout for the annual crab feast at the Shields' home on Mill Creek, Pax River in early September. Many members came by boat - some tied up or rafted to the dock, and others anchored out. We ooohed and aaahed over a brand new T-3700, and enjoyed touring two T-4600s that are quite different below decks. Seeing other sailors' tweaks to their boats is a great way to get ideas for winter projects. A catered ribs and chicken dinner on Saturday and delicious freshly steamed crabs on Sunday put us all in a mellow mood for sharing sailing stories and plans. See a larger version of our group photo in this photo album.


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